I have suffered with chronic back pain for over 15 years. With just 3 treatments with Dr. Edmund, I have finally found relief and I am truly thankful for his knowledge, expertise, kind heart, and gentle soul. thank you, thank you, thank you. 

The acupuncture treatment I received from Dr. Gibson allowed me to enjoy the cruise and return to activities like swimming and dancing again. Walking virtually pain-free again, my feelings of well-being really soared.  

Michael and Elaine
Edmund is very kind and professional. We feel so much better. We both trust him completely!  

Edmund Gibson provided outstanding help with my medical condition. I am now walking and do not need a scooter to get around the ship. He is also a caring, compassionate caregiver.

Mike and Brooke
Very positive experience for us with the consultation and 1st session. He made us feel very comfortable and at ease. A great representation of the Princess cruise line.
I never had done acupuncture before and really enjoyed it. Edmund was great at explaining everything and making it a great experience.

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