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Christine Rannie:

This was my first experience with acupuncture. Before I tried it, I was skeptical, but Eric Goldburd at Wrightstown Health and Fitness has turned me into a total believer. I honestly thought it was impossible for me to be free from tension, but you can literally see the reduction in tension of my neck and shoulder muscles.

My first appointment Eric took the time to do a thorough intake and get to know me. He has a calming and reassuring personality, and is truly a caring healer. The atmosphere is calming and relaxing, and I find his treatments relaxing and pain-free. I was amazed at the instant results. Not only did the results last beyond his treatments, but I found myself looking forward to coming back for more. I’m very results-oriented, so wouldn’t go back if it didn’t work, but I would recommend Eric Goldburd without hesitation.

Karen Long:
Loved my first experience with acupuncture! I have been back here two times since. Eric took the time to thoroughly explain the entire process for me. I have six children and a full-time job. My stress levels are often high. Acupuncture served as a great method to help relieve stress tension. I also train at Wrightstown Health and Fitness and have used acupuncture to relieve tension in over worked muscle areas. Love love love! I will return here often.

Christian Zetterberg:
Eric had an amazing ability to make me feel comfortable and he was very relatable. Due to my job as a personal trainer, I perform very strenuous physical activity on a daily basis. I came to Eric because of my tight IT band and, after my 30-minute session with him, I noticed that the tension was markedly reduced. Two weeks later, I can still feel the effects of my one session.

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